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Waste Management System–for a cleaner world

158 settlement have joined
In order for solving the waste management problem of the North-Balaton Region – in the form of a Municipal Association – 158 settlement joined in cooperation in November 2005. As a result of a successful tender process – with 50% EU support, 40% state support and 10% self financial support – the first phase of a complex waste management system has been built up for 26 million euro.

The tender for further development of the system submitted in 2010 has also been found worthy of support by the Managing Authority. In this way the financial support of the development of the North-Balaton Waste Management System, that is the major part, 79,4% of the net HUF of 3.123.772.500,-  shall be provided by the EU and the Hungarian State – in the frame of the Environmental Protection and Infrastructure Operational Program (EPIOP) (HUN:KEOP).

Full range waste collection, selectively
In 2011-12 the further development of the North-Balaton Regional Communal Waste Handling System has been started.  The main object of the project is to build up the full range and selective, organized collection of the communal waste. The effective utilization of the green waste and the system of the prevention of waste is also included.  Further task is the design and construction of the system of the containers, transport and handling process: by creating waste yards and selective collection points, mobile vehicle park collecting selective and green waste at the edifices; as well as the further development of the mechanical and biological waste disposal at the central site of Királyszentistván. The facility management of the waste management system born within the frame of the Clean Europe Program is performed by ÉBH North-Balaton Waste Management Ltd..

10 thousand pieces of compost bin for free

The system is complemented with the following elements, also within the frame of the development project:

Raising awareness, public consultancy
The Association pays special attention to the providing of appropriate information in relation with the waste management system in order for the generalization of the environment conscious waste collection and the development as well as reinforcement of selective waste collection in practice. This will include a free telephone line, in person and email availability for public consultancy service. Awareness raising and educational activities are taking place at the schools of the settlements and for the adult residents.